Air conditioner water Leaking From front Grill ya with air blower how many reasons learn here

#Today’s discussion topic water taking reasons in air condition:

This problem is most of the time for ac cross install. So ac fitting should be done from the back end to the front edge. 1/2 inches. So that the water can come out with the drain.

2} AC unit is not well fitting on the wall, outside hot air, cold air inside. This excess humidity drop from the unit.

3} from 3 DRAIN AC Indoor unit in indoor unit. The first one is behind the coin eva later. (2) from the back of the back. (3) main drain line eva later. When these drain are blocked, the water is getting down.

Many many happy returns of the day happy birthday to you. It is called coin ice freezing, ice frozen because of two (1) Phil, the air will not pass, then the air will not pass. (2) if our system is low, ice is frozen, when the compressor stops running. Then the ice water is from wearing a drop drop drop.

5} many times wear water like a fountain. When the snow falls on the air as water falls on the air, I look like a fountain / rain.

6} even if the fan is low, the water is still on.

7} the back of the calling coin is the label of extra dirt. Then, the water is not in the drain tray, but from falling down to the wall. Or if the drain is blocked in the back.

8} it is important to insulin pipeline phone. If you want to do it then you can’t.

9} after many times service the cooling coin joint is not fitting if the garage comes / or joint rubber & Ceiling Kruṭipurna. If you don’t fitting well, then you will be able to do it.
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