Air Conditioner outdoor indoor Burning Why how many Reason in air conditioner fire

 3 phase line …cause of burn,
1- LP, HP or temperature controller must be direct by any some one ,so it will be continues causes.

2- some where oil leakage will be there , so it causes.

3- wire Terminals will be loose , so it produce fire .

4. Check the out side ambient temperature & inside room size , if the unit capacity is enough or not we have to think, it causes.

5. Capacitor some time , it causes.

6. Please check & do proper ppm , so you can find … If there is a problem.

Connection lose or due to humidity now a days may short circuit and burning
8  Faulty overload overheating of contactor. And mcb
9  Over heat wire resistance 
10  Proper earthing & elcb not connected

Brother it’s from my practical knowledge. So don’t think me bad. It’s just a advise. 


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