How work HP LP pressure switch what is HP LP how many voltage in Work why use HP LP Pressure switch Learn very useful information Learn

 About this video in Learn HVAC Used Safety Device LP HP pressure switch where use How work, how many voltage in work in refrigeration system very useful information full video watching open this link watch

LP switch means Low pressure switch. This switch is installed on the suction side of the compressor on the copper pipe. LP switch senses the pressure in system and if due to any reason like leakage of refrigerant, low gas charge it will cut the system which is called tripping. These switches has a range of pressure according to the capacity of the refrigeration or air

HP switch stands for High pressure switch. This switch is fixed on the discharge line of the compressor where pressure and temperature is high. It works opposite to LP switch and when the pressure goes high in the system it will shut down the entire unit.

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